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Abstract: Designing meaningful deeper learning

Authentic learning experiences encourage collaboration, creativity and interconnectedness, all essential 21st century skills. How can language learning be designed that is both rigorous and relevant as well as meaningful and engaging? Participants will explore and create learning activities using the concepts of focusing lenses and the rigor and relevance framework.


Essential Questions

  1. How has learning changed?

  2. How has teaching changed?

Videos from today

Video-Sugata Mitra: Build a School in the Cloud- Hole in the Wall video
  1. Sugata Mitra: Build a School in the Cloud:Hole Wall Whole Video
  2. Sugata Mitra:Build a School in the Cloud-Hole in the WallExcerpts
Hungry Planet
  1. Hungry Planet
  2. Aux arbres, citoyens-Yannick Noah

Learning Everywhere: Colorado's Residential Academic Programs Offer 24/7 Immersion

University of Colorado Boulder's language immersion program gives engineering students an edge after graduation.

"nearly half of the available engineering jobs today are overseas and require students to be fluent in a foreign language, in addition to having collaboration and communications skills."
  2. Learning Everywhere: Colorado's Residential Academic Programs Offer 24/7 Immersion article

25 American Kids Weigh in on What Language the U.S video
  1. 25 American Kids Weigh in on What Language the U.S

Important documents and links

ACTFL 21st century skills map
What are 21st century skills designed through the eyes of a world languages context?
  1. ACTFL 21st century skills map Wikispace
  2. More ways to see the ACTFL 21st century skills map
  3. ACTFL 21st Century Skills maps on PinterestACTFL 2011 P-21 worldlanguages skills map.pdf
ACTFL Proficiency guidelines
What are the performance levels?
  1. ACTFL Prof. Guidelines 2012 update with samples
ACTFL "can do" statements
What can students do?
  1. NCSSFL ACTFL Can-Do_Statements.pdf
ACTFL performance descriptors
How do I explain performance levels to my students?
  1. ACTFLPerformanceDescriptorsLanguageLearners.pdf

ACTFL Crosswalk aligning document with the Common Core
What are the connection between the wl standards and common core?
  1. ACTFLCrosswalkFinalAligningCCSSLanguageStandards.pdf

Rigor and Relevance Framework
How can we make instruction more rigorous and relevant?
  1. Rigor and relevance framework

AP/IB Comparison chart
How can we compare the 2 courses and their themes so we can teach both in one class?

Thematic Units

Terrill-Theisen UbD Hunger Unit and other units
  1. Terrill-Theisen Hunger Unit Wikispace
  2. French V AP/IB "papiers et sans papiers" unit: "Papiers et Sans Papiers"unit
  3. French V AP/IB L'Alimentation: Goût et Gaspillage
  4. French V AP/IB L'éducation
  5. French IV La Mode: L'économie et les politiques des vêtements
  6. French IV Les Problèmes sur la Planète
  7. French III-La santé
  8. French II- Paris et l'art
  9. Used for all levels to start the year-(activities modified for each level) Expanding our cultural perspectives
I can understand how to build a meaningful unit such as
"from the café unit to the hunger unit in Level 1", as well as design others.

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