Creating Real World Prompts for Interpersonal Speaking Assessments

Abstract: Want to create a great interpersonal speaking prompt for your language class? This session will present examples, provide a template, and give you time to share great ideas as you create an interpersonal speaking prompt you can use in class next week!

Summary: In this session we will review characteristics of interpersonal speaking, give examples of rubrics and prompts in French, German, and Spanish, provide a template for writing interpersonal speaking prompts, and share practical tips for conducting these assessments in class. Then, participants will collaborate in order to create prompts they can use with their classes.



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Arnaud Garcia:
Kendra Omlid:
Molly Sederberg:

Notes and ideas from the session - Scenario Ideas, by Theme
We took notes during the session and here are some of the ideas that were mentioned:

Possible Scenario(s)
  • witness to an accident talks about the scene with a friend, reporter, etc.
  • 2 people walking in a museum describing and commenting on art
  • shopping for prom or other event
  • shopping for souvenirs and discussing what to bring back for people, based on their interests
  • discussing gift ideas
  • bargaining
  • talking about environmental concerns and what can be done
  • discussion about everyday things students do to help the environment
  • family reunion and reminiscing with people about past events
  • friends talking about family members and sharing about what their family members are like (positive or negative)
  • sharing a photo album with family photos and telling about family members
  • planning a menu and discussing likes, dislikes, healthy vs unhealthy
free time/
making plans
  • phone call simulation: ask about plans, make suggestions, accept/decline
  • complaining about ailments
  • talking about what they do for their health and what they could do to live healthier (perhaps in conjunction with New Year's resolutions)
personal information
  • first date/meeting family
  • meeting someone for the first time (at school, friend's house, mall, wherever)
  • first date
  • gossip
  • asking for help with a relationship problem
  • friends deciding what to order in a restaurant
  • situation with some big problem in the restaurant (bug in soup, wrong order, etc.)
  • persuading a friend to go to a certain restaurant
  • talk about schedule and describe classes/teachers
  • talking about favorite apps
  • types of technology used on a daily basis/regularly
  • If you had to give up some type of technology, what would it be? (or what could you not live without?)
  • talking about trips you took
  • planning where to go on a trip, what to do, etc.
Other suggested topics that we didn't discuss:
  • sports
  • weather
  • parties