Update on CDE curriculum sample units and the Assessment Resource Bank

Toni Theisen
Loveland High School
Loveland, Colorado
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Abstract: Update on CDE Curriculum Sample Units and the Assessment Resource Bank

The Educator Effectiveness law is having a major impact on our teacher evaluations. We need to be able to provide evidence of student growth, understand measures of student learning and design assessments aligned to standards. Participants will better understand the CDE assessment resource bank and sample curriculum units.

Participants will:

  1. better understand the Educator Effectiveness Law and its impact on teaching and designing learning and assessments;
  2. examine the CDE Assessment Resource Bank;
  3. examine the CDE Sample curriculum units; and
  4. understand how these resources are just sample to help teachers create standards-based thematic units and performance assessments.



CDE World Language Page
cde page,jpg.png

Teacher Effectiveness evaluation rubric

  1. This is the evaluation tool that will be used for many for 50 % of your evaluation:
  2. Smart goal example: Using the World Language standard 1 -Communication- I will design and implement two presentational mode summative writing assessments. I will evaluate the student’s success by using the Thompson School District WL rubric for the presentational writing mode. 80% of the students will reach proficiency on Thompson School District WL rubric for the presentational writing mode for the appropriate proficiency range by the end of the 2013-2014 school year.

  3. cde teacher standards 2014.png

CDE Assessment review tool-Required

CDE information site for assessment review tool

  1. Assessment Review tool-need to do for each common performance assessment that will be used for teacher evaluation:
  2. Here is how to fill-in the assessment review tool-pdf..
  3. Assessment Review Tool Webinar with details-scroll down to middle of page.
  4. Sample Assessments that are approved for establishing student growth

  5. DOK chartdok chart.png
  6. Coding standards: coding standards.png
  7. Coding sample: WL09-NM-S.1-GLE.3; WL09-NM-S.2-GLE.1; WL09-NM-S.2-GLE.2; WL09-NM-S.3-GLE.1; WL09-NM-S.4-GLE.1; WL09-NM-S.4-GLE.2

  8. World Languages Proficiency ranges-easy to use for code:GLE ranges.png
  9. NCSSFL-ACTFL "Can-do" Statements:

  10. Sample approved performance assessment from CDE Assessment Resource bank sample assessment.png

  11. Assessment Review tool for this assessment (use as a model for yours):assessment tool sample page sample.png

Common assessment chart concept model-

(Thanks to Debbie Cody from Pueblo City Schools, Colorado for the idea.)

common assessment chart example.png

WL Documents I need to be ready and complete these tasks-Resources

Colorado Academic World Language Standards
CDE Assessment Review Tool information
Assessment Review tool

DOK chart
Standards Proficiency Ranges for Coding

NCSSFL-ACTFL "Can-do" Statements

CDE Assessment Resource Bank of Sample approved assessments for WL
CDE Position Statement for approved assessments to inform 191 Teacher Effectiveness for WL

Tell Project
Tell Project
Ohio Educator Effectiveness Projects

CDE Curriculum Unit Samples

Colorado's District Sample Curriculum Project -Teacher-created curriculum samples

cde unit logo.2.jpg

cde curriculum sample units.png

ACTFL Public Awareness Campaign: Lead with Languages-2014leadwithlanguages.png